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UNICARagil news

Mit der vierten Ausgabe unserer UNICARagil news geht es noch einmal zurück in die Schule. Unter dem Motto "Back to School" erläutern wir das Einmaleins der Fahrzeugautomatisierung und gehen diversen Fragen rund um ein automatisiertes Fahrzeug nach.

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[Titelbild: UNICARagil news 4th issue]

UNICARagil news

The fourth issue of our UNICARagil news takes us back to school. Under the motto "Back to School", we explain the basics of vehicle automation and explore various questions relating to an automated vehicle.
This issue is only available in German.

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autoELF on the test track

The construction of the UNICARagil vehicles is gathering some speed! For the first time it was possible to control all four dynamics modules individually on the autoELF prototype via the middleware developed in the project, the Automotive Service-oriented Software Architecture.

Rollout of the first prototype

Another important milestone was reached. The autoCARGO was the first vehicle prototype to leave the workshops under its own power and will now receive the software for automated driving.

Our info bee flies

For our Info Bee in the UNICARagil project a camera module was built, such that it is now able to create aerial pictures. These can be used to enrich the Collective Environment Model with additional information.

The special edition of our newsletters is online!

The special edition of our digital newsletter fpr the halftime event is online! It contains interviews, posters and explanations on all areas of our projekt.

Half Time Event

Digital Halftime Event online!

Do not miss the contents of our digital halftime event. Follow the weekly updates and send your questions and feedback online. We are looking forward to it!

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