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UNICARagil news

Mit der in der fünften Ausgabe unseres UNICARagil-Newsletters haben wir für Sie den Aufbau unserer vier fahrerlosen Fahrzeugprototypen zusammengefasst.

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UNICARagil news

In the fifth issue of our UNICARagil newsletter, we summarized the process of building our four driverless vehicle prototypes.

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Building Four Driverless Vehicle Prototypes

In our new newsletter, we summarized for you the construction of our four vehicle prototypes. On 20 pages you will find out how the UNICARagil team built four functional vehicle prototypes in hardware within only three years and despite the Corona pandemic - from the structure to the drives, on-board networks and control units to the body and sensor technology. This newsletter is only available in English.


UNICARagil family nearly complete

 A rare view - three of our vehicles could be observed together for the first time.

They drive on their own!

After intensive testing, autoTAXI and autoSHUTTLE can now be controlled not only manually but also by the control software.

Project extended

It's official - the UNICARagil project will be extended by 16 months until May 2023.

autoELF on the test track

The construction of the UNICARagil vehicles is gathering some speed! For the first time it was possible to control all four dynamics modules individually on the autoELF prototype via the middleware developed in the project, the Automotive Service-oriented Software Architecture.