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UNICARagil news

Unser Projekt UNICARagil erreichte im Frühjahr 2020 die Hälfte der geplanten Projektlaufzeit. Leider musste das dazugehörige Halbzeitevent im März 2020 aufgrund der Covid-19-Pandemie abgesagt werden. Wir freuen uns jedoch, alle Inhalte des Events unserer Webseite nun auch als Sonderausgabe des Newsletters zu präsentieren. 

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UNICARagil news

Our UNICARagil project completed half of the planned project period in spring 2020. Unfortunately, the associated halftime event in March 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we are pleased to present all contents of the event on our website now also as a special edition of the newsletter.

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Our info bee flies

For our Info Bee in the UNICARagil project a camera module was built, such that it is now able to create aerial pictures. These can be used to enrich the Collective Environment Model with additional information.

The special edition of our newsletters is online!

The special edition of our digital newsletter fpr the halftime event is online! It contains interviews, posters and explanations on all areas of our projekt.

Half Time Event

Digital Halftime Event online!

Do not miss the contents of our digital halftime event. Follow the weekly updates and send your questions and feedback online. We are looking forward to it!

Halftime Event

The 2. Newsletter December 2019 is online

The second issue of our newsletter was published in December 2019 after an eventful, exciting and intensive year 2019.

December Workshop in Stuttgart – Kick off for the platform integration

The last days more than 50 researchers met each other in Stuttgart to plan the integration of the first platform.